Fitness Trainer Records Live Workouts for Anyone to Follow During the Quarantine



By Vinny Mutone

In an attempt to bring fitness back into the lives of many during the COVID-19 pandemic and the enforced quarantine put in place in New York by Governor Cuomo on March 16, Fran Klingel, a trainer and fitness professional at Unique Fitness in Holbrook, NY, is recording her workouts on Facebook live for her friends, family, and clients to watch and follow along. If someone happened to miss the live viewing, the workout remains on her page so people can follow it at any time, Klingel who works at Unique Fitness in Holbrook, NY, said.


“The exercises I do are things you can do at home that you don’t need weights or exercise equipment, really just basic, low impact dance moves, and plyometrics [also known as jump training, intends to increase power and speed by exerting maximum force in short intervals],” Klingel said. “I think that during this time, It’s really important to not only connect with friends, family, and other people in your social network, but to stay active because it’s important for your immune system and your mental health.”

Gym franchises on Long Island such as Blink Fitness and Planet fitness, are offering classes, like Fran’s, on Facebook Live. Orange Theory Fitness and Gold’s Gym are providing anyone, not just their members, access to their fitness apps, that offer videos and workout guides. LA Fitness and and Retro Fitness are freezing/extending their clients memberships to cover the time that they are closed. 


A dedicated member at Unique Fitness, Josh Ortiz, has been following Frans videos to get some exercise back in his life. “Having no gym is terrible,” Ortiz said. “The Unique in Holbrook is it’s own community. It really is so big and I think her videos are great for anyone who is in need of a workout.”


Fran Klingel’s live workout videos not only provide people with a reason to exercise during the quarantine, but a reason to connect with their families. Josh has been doing these workouts with his mother, Kathy Ortiz, and it’s been a bonding experience for them. “I just love the videos,” Kathy said. “I was doing them every morning.” Kathy has just tested positive for Coronavirus, and she can no longer keep up with the daily workouts. Since her son, Josh, is not allowed to leave the house while his mom is sick, the workout videos have been a great way to pass the time and stay as active as possible.


One of the receptionists at the Unique Fitness in Holbrook, Chloe Johnston, has seen first-hand what Fran Klingel means to her clients, as she sees them come in by the handful to work with her. 


“I think what she’s doing is great,” Johnston said. “For one, it’s allowing her to keep in contact with her clients during the quarantine, and it’s allowing anyone to get a trainer-made workout from their own home, and for free.”


With all gyms on Long Island remaining closed for the foreseeable future, Fran Klingel’s Facebook Live workouts are the perfect way to get exercise while staying safe during the COVID-19 quarantine. 


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