Pure Mammography offers first medical screening in a mall on Long Island

By Diamond Bridges and Xueying Luo

Pure Mammography, a mammogram screening center, opened in Smith Haven Mall on Feb. 7, becoming the first medical screening site located in a mall on Long Island.

The center allows women to stop for a 15-minute screening and then continue their shopping right after. Mammography screenings are important to women who are ages 40 and above to discover potential breast cancer at an early stage.

“It is a lot more expensive for our patients to go to hospitals than private facilities,” Mohammed Yousri, Director of Business Developing in Pure Mammography, said. Women with health insurance don’t need to pay out of pocket to receive breast screenings. As for uninsured women, the center provides a cheaper cost ranging from approximately $90 to $150. “If customers show us their financial records, we can lower the cost for people who can not afford it.” Yousri said. The price varies depending on each customer’s status.

Commercializing medical practices has its advantages but also disadvantages. A health clinic in a mall can attract many patients because the location is convenient, Veronika Dolar, Assistant Professor of Economics from Long Island University, said.  “[The clinic can] get too much of exposure and people can just go there and opt for these procedures even though they might not be necessary from a medical point of view,” she said. Information can possibly get misinterpreted by the consumers, so some people may feel uncomfortable or anxious receiving a medical examination in a mall setting.

Depending on the health insurance, some patients have to use co-payment, which means the portion that is not covered by the health insurance provider, the patient will have to pay the rest. This can cost between $15-$100.

Smith Haven Mall offers various clothing stores and food options to attract consumers from all over Suffolk County. But after adding Pure Mammography to the list of businesses, they also started to provide convenience for consumers in need of an annual medical procedure.

“The easier it is for women to be routinely screened, the more lives will be saved,” Christopher Brivio, Smith Haven Mall Manager, said. “The accessibility and familiarity of the PURE brand adds an important value that will be appreciated and well used by visitors to the Smith Haven Mall,” Brivio said.

In the future, commercializing medical practices can become problematic due to some people self-diagnosing without the proper medical supervision and going to easily accessible services, Dolar said. Even though there are consequences of medical practices turning to business retail, the new medical trend will still bring patients a different experience.

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